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Learn more about eggs in our "Fun & Facts" section, including how to hard boil an egg easily.

Safely Storing Your Raw Eggs

1. Refrigerate Immediately. Make sure that you always refrigerate your eggs as soon as you get home in its original container.

2. Don’t Wash and Do Store. Do not wash the shells and do not store them on the door as this constantly exposes them to room temperatures every time the door is opened. Instead store them inside the refrigerator.

3. Look for Air Pockets. Hold your white eggs up to a light and you will be able to see the air pocket. Remember, the less air pocket as possible, the better. This is because air builds up inside the eggs as it matures.

4. Pay Attention to Dates. Lastly, make sure that you pay attention to dates. According to the FDA, you should be able to use them within 4 weeks from the packing date without losing nutritional quality.

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