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Egg Salad makes a delicious and nutritious lunch or a lovely, light dinner. Enjoy a unique, homemade egg salad sandwich recipe today !

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Homemade Egg Salad Recipes!

If you are searching for classic & unique egg salad recipes that taste great, you have come to the right place. All will make an excellent egg salad for lunch or supper. You don't need to take cooking classes to enjoy a great-tasting salad! Enjoy the recipes here on my site either as a sandwich or on a salad!

Go to the Recipes section to download my free recipe book or to view the egg salad recipes. You can also learn more about cooking eggs in the Fun & Facts section of this site!

Each egg salad recipe is illustrated with colour photos, a nutritional analysis and contains clear instructions. Even on a low fat diet or a low cholesterol diet, you can enjoy eggs in moderation. Always check with your health care professional though to get their recommendations on portions. But much of the negative press on eggs has faded with recent research showing eggs can be a healthy and enjoyed part of your diet plans.

Olive Egg Salad SandwichHow is it (you might ask) that someone would write a website about egg salad? Well, it started about two years ago when I did some work for a company trying to create the ultimate convenience food - an egg salad sandwich “to go!”

And although “Egg Salad-To-Go” hasn’t yet made it to the market place (it still may, time will tell), my curiosity about egg salad flavors was born. I have since then tried out a bunch of different recipes. Here are my inspirations from those explorations, modified to suit the tastes of my family and containing ingredients you wouldn’t typically find in your average egg salad!

Enjoy exploring this site! And let me know on the contact page if you've enjoyed my egg salad recipes!


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